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Childhood Stroke Study at the University of California, San Diego and Children’s Hospital and Health Center, San Diego:  Dr. Jeffrey Max and his colleagues are seeking children ages 5-16 who have had a stroke before the age of 14 to participate in a research study.  The project, “Psychiatric Aspects of Childhood Stroke,” is designed to provide more information regarding emotions, behavior, and thinking in children and adolescents who have had a stroke.  Participation includes one morning or afternoon for about 3 hours of testing at Children’s Hospital and Health Center, San Diego, plus about 1 hour for an MRI appointment at a nearby MRI facility.  There will be no costs for participation, including the MRI.  Monetary compensation will be provided. 

For more information or with interests in participating, please contact Dr. Jeffrey E. Max.  Write to: 3020 Children’s Way, MC 5018, San Diego, CA  92123-4282.  Telephone: (858) 966-5832 x5743.  Fax: (858) 966-6733.  E-mail:


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