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We are assisting several researchers in gathering information that may contribute to scientific and medical knowledge.  We do not endorse these studies, but simply provide this information as a courtesy to parents and researchers.  

If you are conducting a study that may be of interest to families of children who have hemiplegia or infant/childhood stroke, please contact us at  or 817-492-4325 or

Please send a copy of your proposal, including human subjects review committee documents to or to CHASA, 4101 W. Green Oaks, Suite 305, PMB 149, Arlington, TX  76016.  After receiving this material, the proposal will be presented to the Children's Hemiplegia and Stroke Association board for review.  

Currently, all studies must be associated with a university or medical school.  We are unable to accept studies being conducted by individuals outside of these facilities. 

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The information contained in this web site and on the Hemi-Kids listserv are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment, and the site owners recommend consultation with your doctor or health care professional.